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Extension Methods

XrmLibrary contains many extension methods to make common tasks faster. Below is documentation for each extension method.

IOrganizationService Extensions

  • The IOrganizationService extensions are extremely useful for accelerated CRUD operations with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and cutout a lot of repetitive code from web service operations.

IDiscoveryService Extensions

  • IDiscoveryService extensions are helpful in collecting information about the organizations and the calling user.

EntityCollection Extensions

  • Operations for working on an EntityCollection set of entities.

Entity Extensions

  • Contains operations for working with Entity records and Microsoft Dynamics CRM data.

IEnumerable Extensions

  • IEnumerable Extensions assist in performing operations on sets of objects.

Exception Extensions

  • Extends Exception objects for ease of error handling.

Object Extensions

  • Additions to the base Object for abstract operations.

SqlDataReader Extensions

  • Extensions for obtaining information from the SqlDataReader.

StringBuilder Extensions

  • Extends the StringBuilder object to allow for rapid concatenation of strings.

String Extensions

  • Extends the String object to make string manipulation easier.

WhoAmI Extensions

  • Extends the CRM WhoAmIResponse object to give a natural flow to obtaining data about the caller.

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