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The XrmLibrary is a base library for rapid development in Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. It includes functionality for connecting to multiple Microsoft CRM 2011 Organization Services and is perfect for performing integration with one or more instances of Microsoft CRM.

Getting Started

  • Everything you need to hit the ground running with the XrmLibrary.

Writing CRUD Operations

  • Quick guide to creating, retrieving, updating and deleting records.

Using the IOrganizationService and IDiscoveryService

  • Information specific to connecting to CRM and retrieving data, metadata, or organization information.

Extension Methods

  • The XrmLibrary extends many of the common classes used when developing Microsoft CRM projects. This area provides full documentation for each of the methods offered.


  • Included in the XrmLibrary is Apache's premier tracing and logging tool, log4net. It is one of the most lightweight and flexible loggers available and has the ability to log to multiple sources via simple modifications to the configuration file.


Config File

  • A sample configuration file which includes the required sections of the XrmLibrary.

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